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Another variation of this hold, referred to as a bridging reverse chinlock, sees the attacking wrestler crouch before a face down opponent and wrap around one arm under the opponent's chin and locking their hands before applying a bridge. Dyke babes wrestling in boxing ring 6: Wrestling Bbw Amateur Hardcore. Tiffany preston tits. The wrestler takes hold of the opponent's arm or wrist and turns around completely while twisting the arm over the wrestler's head, resulting in the opponent's arm being wrenched.

Adblock has been known to cause issues with site functionality. Mature naked wrestling. Mature cougar hard analized by young french guy. You must enter a pornstar name that already exists in our database. There is also an inverted version where instead of performing the move from behind the opponent, the wrestler stands in front of the opponent and uses the move in the same way as the normal full nelson.

Black teen creampie compilation xxx Knock It can also be used to immobilize an opponent by pushing them to the ground. An inverted variation is also possible, which was commonly used by Big John Studd. Man to military foot gay sex Poor Brent G Petite babe wrestling european dyke 6: With the opponent hung over the second rope, facing the outside of the ring, the attacking wrestler hooks their left or right leg over the back of the opponent's neck.

The move was invented by Riki Choshu but was made famous in the United States by Bret "Hitman" Hartwho gave it the name Sharpshooter to suit his stage name. The wrestler hooks each of the opponent's legs in one of his arms, and then turns the opponent face-down, stepping over him in the process.

A set-up for many throws and slams, this sees the attacking wrestler put a bent at the waist opponent to one side of him, reach the near hand around and lock his hands around the waist. Fuck lesbian tube. This technique is also known as a single chickenwing hammerlock or a double wrist lock.

The wrestler sits down, crosses their legs, tucks their head into their chest and wraps one arm around their ankle so they are effectively rolled into a ball. Gnarlmaster's Catch Wrestling Site.

Mature naked wrestling

The opponent is on their back with the attacker sitting besides him and grabbing the nearest arm. He then takes his other arm, wraps it around the opponent's neck, and then either pulls the wrestler's head to the side which puts pressure on the neck and shoulders or leaves the arm tucked under the chin as in a one-armed sleeper hold. A grapevine variation sees the wrestler applying the ankle lock hold and then falling to the mat and scissoring the leg of the opponent.

Wrestling Vintage Big tits. The opponent lies face down on the mat. The wrestler places one of their legs under the chin of the opponent and pushes up. The wrestler then pulls backwards with his arms and pushes forward with his leg, causing pressure.

Big vs small Wrestling Femdom Bdsm Dildos and toys Big tits. The wrestler then extends a thumb and thrusts it into the windpipe or carotid artery of the opponent, cutting off their air or blood supply.

The attacking wrestler stands behind the opponent who is either sitting or lying face down, they pull the opponent into an inverted facelockoften hooking the opponent's near arm with their free arm. European babes love wrestling and oral 6: Two lesbian wrestlers playing with asses 5:

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The maneuver can be executed on a standing or a downed facing upwards opponent.

Amazing lezzies wrestling before pussytoying 6: The wrestler then stands over his back, tucks the opponent's arms under his armpits. Lesbian 69 circle. The wrestler stands in front of and facing a bent over opponent and places them in a gutwrench waistlock or a standing headscissors. Military gay sucks Fight Club 5: There are also variations of the anaconda vise that are combined with a straight jacket choke and a cobra clutch. The wrestler tucks the opponent's head face-up under his armpit, and wraps his arm around the head so that his forearm is pressed against the back of the opponent's neck.

Lovely brunette babe is into face sitting and s Wrestling Trib Dildos and toys Redhead. Different promotions have different rules regarding the legality of this maneuver. Orally licked beauties love wrestling 6: Ivana Sugar- Fight With enough strength and willpower, the wrestler on defense can flip himself and also their opponent over onto their belly, which is said to reverse the pressure to the one who initially had the hold locked in.

Bootylicious wrestling dyke gets pussylicked 6: The performer of the hold then falls back while grabbing the opponent's legs or feet, hanging upside down from the ring apron. While applying the pressure to the legs, the wrestler executing the move has a variety of positions he can be in; however, the two most common involve a wrestler standing and leaning back while applying the move or sitting on their opponents' back.

This counter to the figure four is often called a "modified Indian deathlock " or sometimes referred to as a " sharpshooter variant". The opponent, ostensibly confused, normally takes the offered hand, at which point the wrestler rolls forward and into an arm lock. If the opponent is sitting, the wrestler can press their knee into the opponent's back, adding pressure.

Amateur french mature real estate agent hard so First Goddess of the Squared Circle. Black girls been fucked. The wrestler then flips the opponent up and over so the opponent is lying face up on the back of the wrestler. Mature naked wrestling. La France A Poil - 2. Muscle mayhem 1 1: The neck is squeezed inside the arm very tightly.

The wrestler takes hold of a supine opponent's legs and pivots rapidly, elevating the opponent and swinging the opponent in a circle. The wrestler pulls down with both arms while pushing up with the knees to bend the opponent's back.

The wrestler wraps his legs around the opponent's head in a headscissorsfacing towards the opponent.

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Euro dykes kiss and make up after a catfight 6: The wrestler runs towards the opponent and jumps through the second and top rope while holding on to the ropes, then swings around and grapevines the opponent's arms, applying a crucifix armbar.


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